Meeting with our Doctors

No matter your reason, for wanting to make a change in your life, our medical weight loss facility provides you with a holistic, highly individualized medical weight loss and maintenance program. Our board-certified physicians and providers will journey with you at, step by step by step, in a multidisciplinary plan that addresses your medical, emotional, and physical needs. There is no need to travel the path alone; we will get there together.

At Healthy Solutions Clinic, medical care is about achieving your health goals. For some, taking less medication is a goal, for others, it is about controlling medical conditions related to body weight. Regardless of your goal, we are here to support you.

Medical care is the foundation of your transformation. Our approach is to diagnose and treat the causes of your condition. Our medical team collaborates with you to create an individualized plan while we monitor your progress.

In the early stages of your journey, you will meet with the medical team. We will spend the time to get to know your story, listen to you about what you’ve tried before, and what you hope to gain while at Healthy Solutions Clinic. All our weigh-ins, consultations, and conversations are conducted behind closed doors to protect your privacy and in a one on one environment.

Our medical care team will always be there to assist with your health journey. Plans here are fluid and your progress will be unique to you. In the vast majority of cases, we see our patients making tangible progress, but if you aren’t seeing the results you desire, adjustments to your plan will be recommended to help you continue to progress.

“What happens after I lose the weight?” It is on the mind of anyone who has ever struggled with weight regain. Regular meetings with our medical staff will be the foundation of a management protocol we will tailor to your continuing journey. As you transform, physically and emotionally, we will continue to track your progress with blood work, body composition testing, and metabolic evaluation.