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The Proof is in the Numbers

Pounds Lost in this one facility alone!


Obesity is a chronic disease. We address the many factors that may contribute to weight gain such as:

✔ Stress

✔ Nutrition

✔ Genetics

✔ Food Sensitivities

✔ Metabolism

✔ Emotional Eating

✔ Inflammation

✔ Nutrition

✔ Sleep

Weight Loss Formulated with Louisiana in Mind!

Louisiana is probably one of the greatest places to live. There's always something to celebrate and have a great time over. Louisiana is also home to some of the best food in the country. Mixing those two as often as we do there's no question why there will be issues with weight and health. We know the people, we know the culture and we live it. Healthy Solutions Clinic isn't just a run of the mill cookie cutter diet plan, we specialize in personalized attention and plans focused on your lifestyle and developed by local physicians. So if you have tried another diet plan in the past or have always struggled to get to your ideal weight, we are the best choice to get the pounds off with less hunger and aggravation than ever before! With over 30,000 pounds lost in this one facility only, we are sure we can help you!