As you have already heard from the nearly incessant news coverage and Facebook posts about the lack of toilet paper. The Crononavirus preparation is fully underway in Acadiana. The safety and health of our patients is of the utmost importance in our practice. If you've been to the office in the past week you've probably noticed a few changes. Over the next weeks we intend do continue to add to our preventative steps as they are recommended by the CDC and local government. Please check back on this page to get the most up to date information as we respond and adapt to this ongoing situation.
Infectious disease planing started at Healthy Solutions Clinic in 2016 when we began working with Acadia Women's Health to build a new state of the art facility in Crowley. Everything from the flooring choices down to the climate control systems were designed to keep our patients comfortable and safe. We have been implementing additional steps outlined below and will continue to roll out some more as the week progresses.

  1. Hand Sanitation: keeping hands clean and sanitized is one of the biggest recommendations the CDC has been pushing the last few weeks. We will be installing additional hand sanitation stations throughout the office as well as requiring all our patients to sanitize their hands.
  2. High Touch Point Cleaning: Areas of the office where most of our patient's touch will be sanitized frequently. Over the past week, we have stared wiping the InBody Scale and the Payment terminal after each and every patient use. We will also begin sanitizing the patient room surfaces and doorknobs after each use to ensure that each patient is receiving their treatment in a clean and sterile environment. All porous or cloth patient furniture will be swapped out for easily sanitized chairs to ensure quick and effective cleaning between uses.
  3. Office Cleaning: Other surfaces including floors and counter tops will all be sanitized hourly. During this time we will have fewer items including any decorations to make the employee's job more efficient.
  4. Employee Wellness: We have worked with all employees to ensure that if they have come into contact with someone who was symptomatic or has been symptomatic themselves to refrain from coming to the office for your safety and the safety of the entire office. We are encouraging them to also follow good immune practices and get sufficient levels of sleep to maintain peak immune performance as this crisis carries on.
  5. Patient Wellness: We are also asking all patients who have either come into contact with someone feeling symptomatic or who have been feeling any symptoms themselves to refrain from entering the office. Please call us at 337-783-2410 and we will gladly have a medical staff member meet you in the parking lot.
  6. Physician Appointments: The time we have the most people in our office is on Thursdays during physician appointments. We are working on the final preparations to ensure a smooth and safe operation this Thursday. We will be reaching out to all scheduled  appointments this week to go over the procedure and some of the options available

UPDATE: 3/15/2020


As Many of you who own an Android phone saw over the weekend, Google has teamed up with the World Health Organization (WHO) to launch a campaign to try and curtail the Cornonavirus Spread. They are asking that we all "DO THE FIVE"

  1. HANDS: Wash them Often
  2. ELBOW: Cough into it
  3. FACE: Don't touch it
  4. FEET: Stay more than 3ft apart
  5. FEEL: Feeling sick? Stay at home

Over the next week, Healthy Solutions Clinic will also be adding new touch free hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility on top of the other options already available throughout the office. As we continue to add new features please keep on checking back to this page for the most to date information. We will also maintain a page with the most upto date information from the CDC free for all our patients to have the most complete and reliable information available. Check back every evening for the newest update issued by the CDC